Target Zero Initiative

This Pyramid Process Fabricators Corporation's statement to the everyone that nothing takes priority over safety. As the companies long-standing initiative, a culture of transparency and accountability has been worked into the very culture of our business. An open foundation for communication that empowers employees to ask questions, have dialogues with management and help our company become an industry leader in safety.

We display ‘Target Zero’ proudly on our operations; our uncompromising commitment to never sacrifice safety in our operations.

“Target Zero - Accident & Incident Free Operations”

The Importance of The Right Tools

A great deal of fabrication and manufacturing can be optimized through equipment; not just for quality, but for the safety of our people and environment. Our blasting and coating bays feature recycling process and ventilation systems that protect nature from waste. Automated equipment helps take some of the fabrication work out of the hands of people, and controls the process in a safe way. We take every chance we get to engineer better standards and implement technologies that make our work safer.

Building the right Culture

We sincerely believe that the goal of “accident free operations” is realistic and attainable.

This means going beyond the industry standards of the Certificate of Recognition, and making safety a part of everyday life. We know that when people truly believe that safety is attainable, and that they control that outcome, they will work towards a better workplace.

Driving a safety culture requires commitment from management and action from everyone else, using leadership to inspire an ethic of a healthy environment.

Pyramid Process Fabricators Corporation will continue to promote safety as our top priority, taking no short cuts in our pursuit of an accident free company.


A strong safety record is something we show proudly, knowing that it was a team effort towards our goals that earned these awards. We thank the hard work and continuous commitment of our employees to our safety program. By striving for these results, we know that people are getting home safe.