Our Mission

To be an industry leader in industrial fabrication with a high standard of commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

We can stand by this mission confidently because of the investment we have made into our people, equipment and facility. From day one, we have spared no effort in acquiring every element necessary to produce the best work and exceed the expectations or our customers.

The Standards of Pyramid Process Fabricators

In pursuit of our mission, we have implemented standards that reflect on our commitment to the quality of our work. To achieve leadership however, we also have to claim a responsibility to bettering our employees, community and environment.

Corporate Objectives

  • Provide fabricated products of the expected quality standards.
  • Nurture a healthy and safe work environment.
  • Maintain total customer satisfaction.
  • Develop the skill sets of all employees.
  • Constant attention to improving operations and profitability.
  • Be a responsible member of the community.